Caring Confetti is an online boutique that offers curated birthday party supplies, children’s gifts and party favours.  We bring together premium brands and independent boutiques into one place - providing your child with the party they want, with the balance you need.

How It Works

We believe birthday parties are special.  As parents, we look forward to celebrating our child’s day, but recognize it can get overshadowed with the worry of having to plan and find the perfect party supplies.  Our expertise lies in pulling together the best products from around the world and organizing them into themed party kits - helping you plan the day more smoothly.

We strive to find quality items that are beautiful, fun and practical.  This is why we make strategic decisions about the products we use (and don’t use).  This includes a commitment to not using balloons and choosing products that are multi-use.  

Our Founders

Caring Confetti Founders Karin and Chelsea

Caring Confetti was founded by Karin Archer Myles and Chelsea Bristow who wanted to offer convenient solutions to families seeking the picture-perfect party.

With six kids between us, we know a thing or two about throwing a birthday party.

We live in Burlington, Ontario, Canada with our husbands, children and dogs.

Our Testers

We are very fortunate to have our quality control team, whose lack of filter helps us create exactly what kids want in a party.  In exchange, they get a lot of birthday cake.


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