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Party Like an Animal! How to Throw an Animal-Themed Birthday Party!

A safari animal themed celebration is one of our favourites!  It easily checks off all of our must-have party items - the opportunity to dress-up in costumes, get into characters, pair themed food and games and build decor to match!  Animal safari is such a versatile theme as it can easily work for different ages, gender and interests - cause who doesn't love wild animals?? So whether you're celebrating a "wild one-year-old" birthday or have a teenager who just hasn't dropped his 'lion' phase, this blog is for you!

Animals are one of the most popular birthday trends right now.  Thankfully, our Caring Confetti Animal Safari Party Box takes all the worry out of having to run around and find the best products (which also comes in handy for the SIX children's birthday parties we throw every single year).  For Chelsea's son's 4th birthday party, we decided to give him exactly what he was hoping for - a ROAR-tastic time!  (DISCLAIMER: In these strange COVID times, we are always ensuring safe, social distancing and only holding parties with those within our own bubble to limit the spread of this virus.  Fortunately, having six kids between us makes up a good sized party in and of itself.  The following photos are a party between our two families with whom we bubble.  We do not condone having large gatherings and sincerely look forward to the day when we can!).  

animal safari themed birthday party ideas

animal safari themed birthday party ideas

animal safari themed birthday party ideas


There are so many fun ways to be creative with the food at an animal themed birthday party! Think subway sandwiches cut and positioned into a snake or animal shaped fruit and veggie platters. Another fun option is to have a handful of animals that your children love and label the bowls of food with what those animals eat (obviously taking some liberties here...).  This can be a way to theme your food station as well as educate your children!  For example, for salads you can write "Zebra Food," bananas can be for monkeys, a berry tray can be for elephants and some nice steak slices can be for a lion.  Have fun with it!  We'd also suggest a bowl of animal crackers and gummy worms!

animal safari themed birthday party ideas

animal safari themed birthday party ideas


There are endless amounts of party games that it will be hard to narrow down just a handful you want to play!  Here are some of our favourites:

  • Decorate animal cookies.  Cut sugar cookies out into fun animal shapes and let the kids decorate with icing, treats and sprinkles (if you dare!)
  • Animal impression contest.  Who has the best roar, squeal or...trumpet (is that what you call an elephant noise?). This contest is definitely more fun if you are dressed the part!  Shop animal party masks and costumes to help get everyone into the spirit!
  • Animal safari hunt: hide animal stuffies or figurines around your home or backyard/park and have kids go on a search!  See if they can spot all the animals for their chance to win a prize!  Prizes can be animal stickers, mini animal shaped gummies or the stuffie itself.  
  • Animal dance freeze!  Play your favourite songs with the word animals in it and have kids dance like an animal.  When the music stops, they have to freeze!
  • Animal bingo or trivia!  You can download free bingo cards from sites like Super Simple.  National Geographic Kids also has great resources and trivia questions to test kids' knowledge of the animals they love the most!  


Our Caring Confetti "Party like an Animal" banner has got to be one of our favourites!!  The intricate detail and design is so well crafted that you won't want to put it away after the party!! We moved ours from the party table to the playroom to be enjoyed all year long!

We'd recommend styling your party table with household pots and plants to give it a wild, jungle-like feel.  Place the plants in between the food, party fans and loot bags to break up the textures.  We also took plain white paper loot bags and drew cheetah prints and zebra stripes using a Sharpie. 

cheetah animal safari themed party plates by Meri Meri

animal safari themed party box supplies and decorations

colourful paper party fans 

We hope this helps inspire you to have a thrilling animal themed party! Shop here for all of our fabulous animal themed products. And as always, we'd love to hear how you made out and see your pictures! You can connect with us at