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Say Goodbye to 2020!  22 Kid-Friendly Ideas for New Year's Eve

Remember "going places?"  Relatively speaking, it wasn't that long ago that we got dressed up, went out on the town and had that once-in-an-every-couple-of-months-if-we-could-get-our-acts-together-and-get-a-babysitter-and-muster-the-energy-to-leave-the-house-after-8pm kinda of an evening.  Okay, okay, things definitely change after you have kids, but once upon a time we did go out and one of the most epic evenings to go out was always New Year's Eve.  That sense of letting go of the old and embracing all those (soon-to-be) empty promises of a new you was a big reason to dust off the glitter dress and go kinda crazy.  Since becoming a parent, I have rarely made it up past midnight, but have made new traditions with my kids and close friends that includes getting dressed up, hosting a dance party and shifting the countdown to 6:00 p.m. (usually up to 5-6 times... "one more time mommy!! 5-4-3....).

Thanks to good old COVID-19, we really are (STILL) stuck at home, but why not turn this into a positive this New Year's Eve and create a family-friendly New Year's Eve celebration your kids won't ever forget...and who knows, it just might become the most anticipated 'night in' all year!

Here are the 22 kid-friendly ideas for celebrating New Year's Eve with your family during COVID, or any year after.

1. Make Mock-tails.  My mom, like so many grandparents, is guilty of overindulging my kids in gifts and sugar.  One of her sleepover specials is 'fancy cocktails' where she adds copious amounts of sugary drinks (presented as "juice"...."it's healthy!!") and serves them up in cocktail glasses.  My kids go bananas for it!  If you listen closely, they even pick up a hint of a 'fancy' accent as they sip.  Here are some great go-to recipes.  

2. New Year's Nails.  Bright, bold and glittery!  Stop by the local drugstore and let the kids pick out their favourite shades.  Bonus points if they can paint it themselves!  Here are 21 New Years eve nail art ideas for you to try.

3. Fancy Dress.  Sequin and tulle everything!  Pull out your most fun, over-the-top wardrobe attire and accessories and then add even more!  Feather boas, bejewelled tiaras...anything goes!  Google "Fancy Nancy" for some inspo.

4. Charcuterie Board...but with candy.  Stop by your local Bulk Barn and let your kids pick 2-4 items each (they can do a smoothie cleanse in the new year!).  Arrange your candy feast on your usual cheese & meats board and enjoy!

5. Early Countdown. The most anticipated aspect of New Year's Eve is definitely the countdown to midnight.  I expect this year could be extra special for everyone (#GOODBYE2020!!!).  Netflix has cute cartoon countdowns for the kids.  Schedule the countdown an hour before their bedtime so they can get all the sillies out before you need to call it a night.  

6. Photo-booth.  Decorate a space in the house to capture all of the fun and excitement from the night.  Check out our New Year's Eve decorations to help you set up the picture perfect backdrop.

7. Piñata.  Nothing quite helps get your 2020 anxiety out better than beating up a piñata.  Caring Confetti has the perfect ones that act as bedroom decor following the swatting fun!

8. Classic Party Games.  Charades, Pictionary and Guess the Number of Candy in a Jar are all simple, wholesome fun games everyone in the family can enjoy!

9. All you can eat Hot Fudge Sundae Bar.  It's the kind of bar kids love!  Set up ALL the toppings (and then some) and let them create a masterpiece!  Topping ideas include: cherries, sprinkles, score pieces, chocolate chips, hot fudge sauce, whipped cream, peanuts, Oreo pieces, chopped fruit and gummy bears.

10. Favourite Memories BINGO. Create your own BINGO card filled with highlights from the past year!  Use these free templates to help you out!

New Years eve party nails for kids ideas activities
hot fudge sundae bar ideas for kids for New Year's Eve
mock-tail recipe ideas for New Year's Eve
candy board ideas for kids for New Year's Eve


11. Karaoke.  Who doesn't love belting out their favourite song - or whole soundtrack?  Let everyone get into the celebratory spirit by singing along to your favourite songs of the year.

12. Write a Letter to Yourself. Write down everything you hope to do, see or learn in the next year.  Open it on New Year's Eve the following year. 

13. Guess the New Years Resolution.  Rather than just spilling what you hope to do and accomplish the next year, try and guess each others!  It will be interesting to see where the conversation goes (and how much - or little, your family know about you!)

14. Minute to Win It.  These games are huge hits for kids!  They are typically simple and inexpensive and can often be played with household objects.  Check out Scary Mommy for 40 kid-friendly Minute to Win It games.

15. Put your Hand in the Mystery Box.  If you've ever watched Jimmy Fallon and his guests do this, you'll know the hilarity and discomfort that comes with putting your hand inside a box when you have no idea what is in there.  Pick some fun household objects and have a good laugh!

16. Photo Slideshow from the past year.  Thanks to smart phones, we have thousands of photos at our disposal.  Pull out your favourites and watch them with some memorable music (and cue the tears!). Most phones have the option to set up an automatic slideshow saving you the time of going through and doing it yourself!

17. Sparkler Candles. New Year's Eve is all about glitter and fireworks.  Bring both to your home and yard with these fabulous star glitter candles.

18. Sing-Along.  Have a favourite musical movie that you could watch again and again?  Hands down, ours is The Greatest Showman.  Blast the soundtrack and line up the whole family for the singing action!

19. Bake.  Cook up your favourite treats.  If you dare, let the kids experiment and come up with their own creations.  You just might want to have some store bought items handy incase things go awry. 

20. Party Hats.  The perfect New Year's Eve party accessory has got to be headbands and party hats!! Shop Caring Confetti for some of our favourites! 

21. Family Bucket List. Hold a "family meeting" to daydream about everything you want to do together for the following year (or year after if you've got some big dreamers in the crowd!).

22. Dance Party.  Put on your favourite playlist and don't stop until you drop!!!  Get super silly and bust a move your kids have never seen before!! It will help work off all that sugar high everyone's likely on!

gold glitter crown for New Years eve
New Years eve party box from Caring Confetti
star sparkler headband

We wish everyone a fun and safe New Years Eve and all the best for 2021!!!!

Shop Caring Confetti for everything you need to throw a perfect New Year's Eve celebration at home!