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Caring Tips | Perfecting the Perfect Birthday Pictures (even during quarantine!)

We have to admit, during these stressful times, our cameras are making less and less of an appearance and unfortunately we are not documenting as much as we have in the past. How many times do we need to capture ourselves in PJs, right? Even though we already have hundreds/thousands of forgotten pictures on our phones (like everyone else….right!?), we still need to appreciate the little things and take a few more shots here and there.

If your kids are anything like ours, they can look at pictures and videos of themselves ENDLESSLY (#obsessed).  And nine times out of 10, they always seem to gravitate towards pictures of past birthday celebrations. Singing, candle blowing, tears and tearing presents apart, always seems to bring the best smiles to their faces.  

Capturing moments during a birthday celebration allows you and your little ones to look back and remember these milestone and wonder, 'where does time go?'  It’s almost a guarantee that pictures will make their way to a frame or class project, which they’ll display with pride, with the words “remember when…".

To ensure you catch those memorable moments (the good, the bad and the ugly), we've compiled our top 6 tips for capturing the best birthday party pictures.

1. Designate a party photographer. Usually this will be a parent/grandparent - known for their loud happy birthday background singing, sidebars of yelling at their kids, and enthusiastic cheering when no one else joins in.  

2. Capture the details of the celebration - decor, cake, and the activities. Get creative and don't be shy!

3. Shoot some candids! You’ll end up cherishing these ‘off the cuff’ photos that catch genuine surprise and smiles. 

4. Have the birthday girl/boy get some favourite shots – and yes, you can erase the 2,395 selfies that they take.

5. Include some photo props. Plan ahead and purchase some theme specific face props or even raid their costume box! When in doubt, grab some eyeliner and draw on some moustaches, bunny noses or cat whiskers.

6. Polaroids can offer endless fun! But they can also be VERY costly when your little one takes multiple photos of their feet with the very expensive film. Make sure you police this or have a significant film budget!

When the celebration is over, create a photo book for your little one to remember their special day! Online photo shops will help you with layout, design and covers that can be chosen special for the birthday boy or girl. No doubt, that book will become their most prized possession and hopefully their special day will last with them forever.