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Caring Tips | Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy:  Hosting a Walk-Thru Lemonade Stand Celebration!

With the sweltering hot days of summer upon us, we're searching for outdoor activities that not only entertain the kids, but ensure they're safe in the heat (especially as parents without a pool, sigh).  Pre-Covid, lemonade stands were THE perfect way to spend a unscheduled afternoon.  Our kids absolutely loved setting up their stands - homemade signs and all - and mixing up the perfect thirst-quenching batch, while hollering “GET YOUR LEMONADE!” to anyone in sight.

Since the ‘typical’ lemonade stand is on hold, we've come up with some creative ways to fuel their entrepreneurial spirit (hey - they did made $80 one time doing it!)  while respecting social distancing rules. We recently heard that local Burlington, Ontario clothing company Olive + Splash was providing a drive-thru window for their customers to purchase the cutest (and softest!) clothes and masks, which gave us the idea that we could do the same with a lemonade stand. Rather than a drive-thru, why not make a walk-thru birthday celebration? Since we're in the birthday party business, the Easy Peasy Lemonade Squeezy birthday idea was born!  


Virtual drive-by birthdays have become a common-Covid way to celebrate birthdays.  With gathering rules loosing up, we figured a walk-by birthday celebration parade would be a great way to treat friends and family with the sweetest party around. Check out the steps below to host your very own birthday party lemonade stand for everyone passing by.

  1. Make a schedule. Try and have no more than 10 people (including the party throwers) together at once by setting a schedule. For example have the first few family or friends come by at noon and the next group come by at 12:30 p.m. and so on. This will ensure everyone can have a glass of lemonade, a birthday cupcake and sing a little happy birthday before going on their way.
  1. Send out the virtual invites. A week ahead of time, let your family and friends know the details for when they can come by.
  1. Ask for a toonie donation rather than a birthday gift. Kids love change! Have their faces light up every time they hear change dropping into their money jar.  This not only fuels their entrepreneurial spirit, but allows the child to pick one special gift with the loot.  Added bonus: it saves everyone the time of having to go out and pick a present!
  1. Organize the materials and supplies:
  • Frozen lemonade concentrate from your local grocery store. Believe us, this is the easiest and tastiest option.
  • Large jar with spigot. You may have to put out a borrow request to family or friends if you don’t have one. If you can’t get one, a simple punch bowl will do. Cut some real lemons to make an impressive visual impact.
  • Creative signs. Advertise your lemonade and any other treats you may want to add. (Finally, a way to use all of the markers and craft items we bought with pandemic panic buying!!)
  • Disposable paper cups. Unfortunately during Covid times, disposable cups are the safest option.
  • Hand sanitizer!
  • Birthday cupcakes. Single cupcakes that are handled with clean, adult hands are a great way to share some birthday treats to your bypassing guests. Follow this recipe to make delicious mini lemonade cupcakes (makes 24):
      • 1 box of lemon or vanilla cake mix
      • 1 ½ sticks unsalted butter, softened at room temperature
      • 1 7-oz. jar of marshmallow crème
      • 1 Tbs. of frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed
      • ½ - ¾ cup of powdered sugar
      • ½ tsp. lemon extract
      • Prepare cake mix as mini cupcakes according to package directions. Let cool completely.
      • In an extra-large mixing bowl, beat butter with an electric mixer on medium for 30 seconds. Add marshmallow crème and lemonade concentrate. Beat until combined, then add in ½ - ¾ cup powdered sugar and the lemon extrat to make a thick, spreadable frosting.
      • Frost cupcakes generously
  • Thank you parting gifts (optional). Enamel pins are a great thank you gift that can be used on backpacks, jackets or pencil cases. Shop Caring Confetti enamel pins.
  • Large umbrella. Or, position the table in a shady area.  Make sure you have plenty of sunscreen on hand too.
  • Decorated table. Spread the joy and excitement to your guests with a brightly decorated table! Use party fans, banners, bright colours to set the stage. Shop Caring Confetti party décor.
  1. Set the rules. It’s important to remind everyone as they arrive to maintain safe distancing and use the hand sanitizer.  
  1. Have fun! On the day of, choose some special lemonade stand birthday outfits, blast some tunes and enjoy the sunshine!
  1. And don’t forget….to sing Happy Birthday and take lots of pictures with each passing group. Your vocal cords may be strained and you’ll be on a sugar high at the end of the day, but it’ll all be worth the memories.

We’d love to see how you party turned out! Share your own Easy Peasy Lemonade Squeezy birthday party by tagging #caringconfetti.  Have fun!