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Caring Tips | Hit Them With Your Best Shot!                  10 Things to Put in a Piñata

Piñatas can add an element of excitement, intrigue, and even danger!  No joke, we've seen kids swing with more power than a wild animal to get just one piece of candy!  Besides trying to break them open, trying to decide what to fill them with can be the hardest part.  We've come up with the best list to keep your little ones happy and reduce the need to buy one-use plastic toys.  So put on some googles, stand back, and get ready to hear fits of laughter and squeals of joy.  Shop Caring Confetti piñatas.

1.  Hair ties and clips:  'The case of the missing hair ties' is an ongoing saga in our household.  Make this filler a sneaky way to replenish your stock, the kids will never know any better!

2.  Temporary tattoos: These birthday staples have come a long way from when we were young.  Colourful and intricate, and with options of being non-toxic, temporary tattoos will be a hit long after all the piñata hitting is over.  Added bonus:  your three and six year olds will be occupied for hours; however they WILL come out with a full arm sleeve of tattoos and probably face too ;)   

3.  Pencils and erasers Homeschooling has left us with a never ending need of pencils and erasers AND a longing for the perfect Paper-Mate white eraser - remember those?! 

4.  Sidewalk chalk:  Make sure you wrap any sidewalk chalk before adding it to the piñata that will hopefully make for a cushioned fall and no broken pieces.

5.  Swimming googles:  Being able to withstand a whack with a bat and fall onto pavement, swimming googles can check off your "to buy" list for the summer AND provide a practical and exciting gift for your little one.

6.  An outer spaced themed t-shirt Or unicorn, rainbow, dinosaur theme!  Adding  a rolled up t-shirt matched to the birthday party theme will guarantee a quick mid-party change.

7.  Chapstick:  Piñatas are usually synonymous with warmer weather and in particular the sun and it's UV rays!  Make sure you add in a kid-friendly chapstick with some SPF for those little lips

candy sucker for piñata. photo credit Arturo Esparza


8.  Enamel pins:  Enamel pins are great because they're so flexible on how you can wear them and pin them - on a backpack, pencil case or even sweatshirt!  Plan ahead and find a pin of your little one's favourite animal and colour, or even most loved activity or hobby.

9.  A scavenger hunt clue:  From one activity to another, plant the first clue in an epic scavenger hunt that will lead the birthday boy/girl to their present.  It'll be everlasting fun and the perfect way to wrap up the celebration.

10.  CANDY!! Who're we kidding?! - As wonderful as it is in theory to put granola and sugar free treats in a piñata, birthdays are a great day to "let them eat cake (and treats and chocolate and candy)".  Fill with their favourite treats and watch (FROM A DISTANCE!!) swings get harder and faster, and squeals become louder, when that first one falls to the ground.