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Caring Tips | 5 Summer Birthday Party Themes to Make Your Next Party a Hit!

Ahhh summer, the time to sit back, unwind, and relax....unless of course, you’re trying to plan your little one’s birthday party! As parents we’ve all felt the stress of trying to plan the perfect party that has elements of the ‘wow factor’ from the decor, to the activities, to the parting gifts for the guests. Luckily, summer birthdays have the added bonus of being able to include nature, swimming and outdoor activities to your parties.  These elements can really boost your ‘cool parent’ rating for a kid approved birthday bash.

Summer birthday celebrations don’t have to be stressful. When planned ahead of time, a summer themed birthday party can be a great way to incorporate everyone’s favourite season, while simultaneously getting everyone outdoors (ideal in the era of COVID-19). We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 outdoor summer themed birthday parties that will make you the coolest host around!

Have an idea for a great summertime bash? We may just have the perfect decor to match your idea. Please let us know by emailing


Yo ho ho, a pirate party for ye!  Set the sail for the high seas on this treasure-filled pirate party.  Give each of your guests their own pirate name, ask them to come in their finest pirate costumes and adorn your little pirates with some skull and crossbones party hats to make them look swashbucklingly stylish.  Shop pirate party decor, hats and gifts. 

Before your guests want to abandon ship, keep them entertained with some pirate party games.  Place a long piece of flat wood over a blue tarp and presto, you'll have your own plank high above the ocean that your little pirates need to walk.  Blindfolded and spun around a few times before taking the plunge, the winner of 'Walk the Plank' will get to the end without falling in to the sharks below!

Before the band of rowdy scallywags leave, make sure to include a treasure hunt with a treasure map leading to clues and hidden gold-covered chocolate coins buried in your backyard.  Let 'X' mark the spot to their loot bag and parting gifts for a perfect way to you say your best goodbyes to your little mateys, or ahoy, as they say on the seas. 


The fairy garden party! It’s a whimsical imaginative celebration for those who prefer being in nature – especially if it’s an enchanted forest. Utilize your own backyard, a nearby park or forest to host a magical celebration. Fairy garden party decorations are easy to hang between trees, on top of a picnic blanket or even placed on tree stumps to become one with the fairy world.  Don’t forget to include fairy wings, fairy wands and fairy crowns for all of your guests.  Better yet, get creative and make your own batch of fairy dust to sprinkle on everyone and spread the magic. Shop fairy garden party decor and gifts.

Keep your guests entertained by having everyone decorate their very own fairy house for their own garden. Legend has it if you build your very own fairy garden house, you might attract a fairy or two in your own backyard! Telling your little guests this legend will surely leave eyes wide-open and magical anticipation for what fairies may visit. Find out how to make your own popsicle stick fairy house.


Surf’s up!  Does your little one love all things that live in the sea?  An under the sea inspired party will make them feel like they've just spent the day playing on the beach and exploring the ocean.  Make a splash with your little fishies this summer with shark hats, colourful banners, and fun piñatas. Have your guests bring their bathing suits (for swimming or water activities), favourite sunnies and make sure they don't forget their sunscreen!  Blast some Beach Boys while sipping your pineapple smoothie and you'll almost hear those ocean waves!

Pineapple Smoothie:

  • 1 cup non-dairy milk (unsweetened coconut milk or almond milk)
  • 1 cup baby spinach
  • 1 cup pineapple chunks (fresh or frozen)
  • And blend!

Summer beach parties are usually guaranteed sunshine and hot weather.  Swimming and water activities will cool everyone off and keep the fun going.   Reach for some refreshing activities by swapping out water balloons for homemade sponge stars. These can be used again and again. Choose a sponge that is made from natural and sustainable materials. Once the game is over, you can encourage the kids to wash the car! 

Caring Tip:  When hosting a pool party, it's worth hiring a lifeguard to ensure everyone's safety and parents' peace of mind!  Shop beach and under the sea party decor and gifts.


Does your little one dream of a life under the sea?  Make a big splash with a mermaid themed birthday party and transform their party into a magical underwater world.  For mermaid-themed birthday parties, decor that's purple, teal, and silver will give the illusion of shimmering mermaid tails and ocean reflections.  Add more under the sea elements into your decorations, such as shells collected from your favourite family beach vacation, to transform your party into an fin-tastic time.  Make your mermaid princesses of the sea by handing out glittery starfish headbands, that are so comfortable and magical, they won't take them off!  Shop mermaid-themed party decor and gifts.

Mermaids can get very hungry with all that swimming!  Party sandwiches cut into star shapes, spinach dip labeled 'seaweed dip' and fruits and veggies cut with a fish-shaped cookie cutter will keep you on theme.  For desserts, mermaid inspired cakes can be easily found at your local grocery store or local cake bakery.  If you are feeling ambitious, test out your mermaid baking skills and let your guests indulge with this kid-friendly mermaid fudge.

Hiring a local face painter (or voluntold uncle!) is a unique and nice way to create excitement, which is a a bit of an understatement because kids LOVE to get their faces painted!  Having glitter and jewels applied to your mermaids will make their first look in the mirror all that more special.  Make sure you have your camera handy to take some candids and group shots of your school of fishies.   


I scream, you scream, WE ALL scream for ice cream!! Ice cream on a hot summers day can instantly transport us back to our youth and the sweet sound of the ice cream truck. Creating these same sweet memories with your little one has never been easier thanks to some amazing party decor from Meri Meri and Oh Happy Day!  So the next time your six year old shouts “ICE CREAM!!” you can not only pull out a frozen treat, but also transform your house into an ice cream palace!  Read all about how to host the coolest ice cream themed party here

- Chelsea